You’ll recall that COGG and appointed consultants are preparing a master plan for Drew Reserve. The master plan will detail the plan to deliver the long term facility needs for our club, and also for St Peters CC.

It’s all very exciting and obviously very important for our Club over the long-term. We probably one chance at this every 20-30 years!

The master plan is expected to be finished in May. Jointly with SPCC, we have advised CoGG and the consultants of the following:

Agreed priorities:

  • Future proofing eg provide for growth in areas such as participation, commercial revenues and facilities, ability to encourage inclusion and increased participation for females across all three sports and at all levels
  • Vastly improved drainage
  • Contemporary change rooms, training facilities, arenas and lighting which meet the independent criteria for impaired and able-bodied competitors and umpires of both sexes
  • Contemporary and fit-for-purpose amenities for each sporting section inclusive of administration, storage (eg merchandise, equipment), officials (eg umpires, scorers, timekeepers, coaches boxes, interchange), scoreboards
  • Increased engagement and experience levels eg improved car parking, spectator seating and viewing
  • Increase commercial functionality eg F&B options, function rooms, kiosks, cafes, external hire
  • Greater community use eg schools, community groups
  • Beautification of the reserve, and increased safety

Over the next few months we will be working to make sure we end up with what we need. The team handling this is Fiona Threlfall, Andrew Kelly, Michael Birthisel, Todd Devine and myself.

Rob Threlfall