About St. Joey’s Little League

 Club History

Established in the 1960’s when SJC had a Primary School from Grade 3
 -all boys who played for St. Joseph’s Little League attended St. Joseph’s College
 -provision of extra-curricular opportunity offered for boys attending the College
• During the 1980’s as Grade 3 and 4 were phased out at the College, additional local Catholic primary schools were included for registration of players
 -‘outside’ students were seen as potential Year 7 enrolments to the College
• In the last 5-10 years, almost all players come from beyond SJC. Most are students at St. Robert’s, St. Patrick’s, Holy Spirit and Clairvaux
 -the College wishes to extend its community-mindedness in association with SJF&NC
• To this end, in 2009, the SJF&NC have now taken over the administration and operation of the SJLL.  The primary school at the College has been completely phased out, and it is the right time for the SJF&NC to be looking after its Juniors.

Club Philosophy
• To provide all number of boys with a game of football. No-one should be turned away
• To ensure that all boys have the opportunity to develop – with equal resources and provisions available to each participant
• That a ‘winning-at-all-costs’ approach, be replaced by an ‘equal-opportunity’ approach
• That ability is a total irrelevance at this age level
Team Selection
• Teams are ‘selected’ on a school basis.  That is, where possible, children are grouped together in the schools they attend.
• Ability of players is not a factor when forming teams
• Teams are formed on a one-season basis only.  There is no guarantee that the same team will be formed again in following seasons.
• All efforts will be made to have teams of equal playing ability.

Coaching Expectations
• To have completed a Level 1 – Junior Coaching course as deemed compulsory by the VCFL.
• To have completed a Working With Children Check.
• To conduct one night a week training, providing maximum exposure for skill development for all players
• To coach players during games in a manner which is instructive and teaches fundamentals
• To provide opportunities for all boys to play both forward and back
• To rotate players with an emphasis on providing equal playing time to all
• To be a model of good sportsmanship to his players
• To adhere to these expectations, and those outlined in the VCFL Junior Coaches Code of Conduct

Player Expectations
• To play and participate in a sportsmanlike way which embraces the character of our club
• To develop their skills and playing ability in a way that acknowledges their commitment to the team and the goal of sharing opportunities
• To show respect to opposition players and to exhibit gracefulness in both victory and defeat
• To adhere to the behavioural guidelines outlined in the Newtown Little League’s Regulations
Parent Expectations
• To support their son and his team in a manner that upholds our club values
• Whilst acknowledging the desire to barrack, to remain respectful of opposition players and mindful of the team’s goal of equalising opportunities
• To be supportive of the team coach
• In the first instance, to ‘air’ grievances or issues with the Age Level Co-ordinator and then only later with the Little League Club Coordinator if satisfaction has not been gained
• To support SJF&NC, not only in its philosophies and values, but also in its efforts to be a great club for your children.  This includes supporting functions, volunteering to help out, etc etc.

Club Expectations
• To provide a safe environment for your children to play sport
• To competently administer the Joeys LL
• To ensure that quality coaches and other personnel are put in place
• To ensure that coaches, players and parents adhere to these guidelines

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